Monday, October 6, 2008

Hectic Day

Today I was not feeling well. I think my teeth were bothering me and Mommy and Daddy were both busy working to meet 5 pm deadlines for Gene Express and CyberData Solutions. I really miss Ms. Beth. I did however, get to meet some of the other residents at the 9 am donuts and coffee social. In the afternoon, Daddy took me outside where I got to look at the Grand Traverse Bay with its seagulls and ducks and lots of green grass. When work was over, Mommy look very happy and tired so she suggested that we all go for a family swim. I'm not quite sure of the swimming pool. It kind of frightened me. So all I did was place my feet in and splash. Daddy was a waterbug, though. I was fascinated because his head would be in one spot in the pool and then it disappeared and popped-up on the opposite side.

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