Monday, November 9, 2009

The Office

Ms. Beth wrote...
All of a sudden Kaylie seems to want to kick Greg out of his office and "work" in there by herself like he does. So I created an office "just for her" in the kitchen at the little table. She has her "play" laptop, her "cell phone", a pen and paper and water (her sippy). She also has "magazines" (kid's activity books) and even her own secretary (that's me). Kaylie set to work immediately typing important emails on her computer. Next her phone rang (though I didn't hear it so she had to pick it up herself). The call was not confidential so I will relate her side of it:

"Hello?" (Business-like)
"Yes" (Nods head)
"Bye!" (click!)

Perhaps one day her dream will come true and she really will be just like her mom and dad. In the meantime there is one thing missing: Kaylie needs to hire a Nanny of her own to help her while I play secretary, because she kept having to get up and leave the office to help her stuffed dog (Siya) go to the "potty".

Later I opened a cupboard in the kitchen and Kaylie saw the Halloween candy and reached for it. "No thanks, Kaylie!", I told her and I closed the cupboard. So Kaylie looked back at the cupboard and said, "trick or treat!"

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Larc said...

I LOVE this stage! The pretend play really starts to take off when language enters the picture!