Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cobblestone Farm

Ms. Beth wrote...
Kaylie was reluctant to go outside today. Once we got out there, though, she was very happy. We headed for Cobblestone Farm under a blue sky, incredible sun and warm air for January! This may have been my favorite visit there so far, because the animals were more playful then they've been in a while. Two small goats kneeled upon stumps, nibbling bark, and the white pony with the thick fur, long eyelashes, and tiny ears stood near the doorway looking so pretty that I almost couldn't believe it. There were ducks and chickens walking about being themselves, and there was a shaft of sunlight in the barn that made the whole picture look just like a scene from Charlotte's Web. Kaylie fed snow to the goats. Later we made and threw snowballs and constructed an extremely cute snowman; small with twig arms and a thistle for a nose! Oh I almost forgot the funniest thing: every time the rooster crowed, Kaylie would tell him "Stop it!"

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