Friday, August 15, 2008

Home with Daddy

I am happy to be back home, but I miss Obachan and Grandpap. My flight home was uneventful, however, Mommy may think otherwise since I touched everything, including knocking over her glass of GingerAle and white wine and I had two poo diapers; one right before boarding and one at 35,000 feet. Ms. Beth is still on vacation, so most of the day is spent with Daddy. I always launch my feet up on the stroller tray, which indicates that I am ready to explore during our morning walks. Yesterday and today I made Daddy move fast to catch me during my attempts to "walk", especially towards the subwoofer. I spit up on it today. Luka spit up on Mommy and Daddy's bed. We had a busy day.

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Larc said...

Parenthood is messy. Glad to read Kaylie is so active! Standing already!! Coral can't wait to play with her, and Grammy says Kaylie is adorable!