Monday, August 25, 2008

Ms. Beth is Back

Ms. Beth has returned from her vacation! She and her Mommy flew to France to meet with her two sisters for a fun-filled adventure on a tour bus. They drove all around France and even went to Rome. She was gone for two weeks and I really missed her. So today I had to show her everything I had learned including standing on my own. I also smiled to show my 6 teeth. We took a walk in the stroller, but after awhile I preferred to move about so we headed for home and I crawled on the grass, tried to eat dry leaves (is autumn coming already?!) and greeted a pretty gray and white striped neighbor cat.

1 comment:

Larc said...

LISA! She's standing? Look at her, oh my gosh, she was just in your tummy a minute ago! What a cutie-pie, can't wait to see her!