Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peas Porage - Not!

From the words of Beth...
Lunchtime was amusing. First I served Kaylie "peas". At least that's what the package said, but I wouldn't have eaten them :-) Her reaction was amazing- she screwed up her eyes, tossed her head back and began to gag. Wow. Even I never imagined they were that bad! Next I discovered I can only serve her 1 to 2 star puffs at a time because she will stockpile them in her mouth like a chipmunk. I think I should have remembered that one. Finally, she grabbed her hair with both slimy hands presumably in frustration because the puffs were gone and her mouth was not yet full and created two gorgeous "ears". Adorable!

Later we played in the nursery. As Kaylie crawled about it struck me how amazing it must be for her: touching for the first time those objects which have made up her landscape since birth. Her activity had an intensity and focus that was really interesting to watch. She worked hard today. If only all of us could enjoy our work so much!

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