Friday, July 24, 2009

Project Kangaroo Sunshine!

Project Kangaroo Sunshine is a success! The Michigan/Texas group consisted of Lollypop Head (aka Mommy), Ladybug (aka Daddy), Banana (aka Auntie JoAnn), Cool Kid (aka Auntie Casey) and me (aka Short Stop) and we arrived at 1 pm at Doc's bed and breakfast. After a well needed rest, DandyLion (aka Tim) and Chocolate Kiss (aka Judy, Kim's mom) secretively drove by so that we could follow them, meet up with Kims' dad, his wife and brother, and arrive together at Chocolate Kiss's house for the surprise entrance. The plans were complicated, yet my adults seemed to know what they were doing. The look on Auntie Kim's face was pure delightful surprise when she saw us coming!

Auntie Kimber wrote...
Friday was the sidewalk sales, so we all went to main street to partake in the fun. Then off to lunch with Tim & Joe (had to be distracted a bit apparently). Got back to the house and Turk, Katie, Eden, and Kavan had arrived. Tilly had decorated the yard and garage with Luau things - looked great!

I'm thinking this is it... just needed dad and we're all set!

I'm sitting outside visiting when I looked up and saw my fabulous friends from Michigan - Lisa, Greg, Kaylie, and Casey... and JoAnn from Texas - walking down the block!! Tears started flowing!! I'm hugging all of them, then see my dad & Elaine come up... more hugs, more tears. Dad's quote "this is for all the shit you pulled" LOL

I turn around to the garage and somehow Terry had snuck around and was standing there! More tears!! Wow!!

Visiting, fun, laughter, food... and maybe a bit of alcohol ;-) Then off to fun night! It was so great for my friends to see where I grew up. I gave them a guided tour, which was so much fun!

Back to the house to drop all the kids off before we headed to the bar... there was another surprise in store for me! Christine - my fab-o friend from NM and her family arrived!! Chris and I go waaaay back... to college days. We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like with our busy lives, and I'm so glad she and her family were able to come up and celebrate my weekend!!

Off to the bar :-) All the visitors were able to experience the fun Colorado weather change - the wind picked up like crazy as we were walking to the bar and by the time we arrived, the downpour had begun. Luckily, it didn't stick around long.

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