Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wray Daze

The agenda for today is full: town parade in the morning, famous plastic duck races and free BBQ at lunch, quilt display party in the afternoon, and dance in the evening for the ladies while the kids get to have movie night at Grandma Judy's house. Mommy said that she would like for me to squeeze in a nap sometime today also.

Auntie Kimber wrote...
Saturday was parade day! Everyone loves a parade!!! There was lots of candy thrown, a water fight with the firefighters, and even a biker gang for the parade. No band though :-(

After the parade we all went down to the river to watch the duck race. Most of us 'purchased' a duck and were all sure we were going to win (yeah, no). After that, we headed back up to mom's since she was making lunch for everyone.

I was walking down the street and as I was about a block from mom's, I saw a bunch of my quilts hanging up in the yard. Everyone brought all the quilts I made for them and I had my own little quilt show! It was soooo awesome!!! There were 29 quilts strung up between the trees - and that's just over half of what I've made in the past 6 yrs - with most coming in the past 4 yrs!! We almost caused an accident with the lookie-loos :-) It was fun walking people around and telling the story of the quilt. There were even some inquiries to purchase quilts. Terry was going to put his up for sale since he knew I'd make him another one LOL

Grandma, Auntie Julie, Madeline, and Brian had arrived by this time. Auntie Joyce dropped by and brought her yummy chicken!! There were also some very good family friends - both local and former locals that stopped by... it was so great to see everyone!!!

Saturday night was the Fireman's Brawl (ok, Ball, but we always called it Brawl). Us girls went out and had fun dancing to the 80s! The band was ok, but hard to dance to. We took advantage of the DJ, the called it an early night.

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