Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travels to Colorado

We had to wait to post this next set of stories until after Project Kangaroo Sunshine was completed. You see, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Casey and I left today on a plane to Denver to meet up with Auntie JoAnn. We are all going to be present for Auntie Kim's surprise party in her hometown of Wray. She has no clue. I do know that Uncle Tim, one of the main planners of the party, is going to be in big trouble. The day started rough with me throwing up milk in the back seat after Daddy missed the airport exit. I was quite tired the rest of the day and was quite still during the plane ride out to Denver. Tonight we all get to rest at the Homewood Suites and head to Wray in the morning.

Auntie Kimber wrote...
Wednesday & Thursday were spend driving from Michigan to Colorado. We were heading to my hometown for vacation. Wray Daze was going on, so some of the family was planning to come to Wray. Perfect time to see friends & family, right?


I sent my nephew a birthday text on Thursday and he apologized for not being able to make my party. I then asked Tim if mom was planning a party for me. He (honestly) answered 'no'... I found out it was because HE was doing the planning!!

Finally arrived at mom's. Dee, Tilly, and Danny were already there - the family gathering was beginning! I was catching up on some work emails and Tim's folks showed up... surprise #1!!!! I thought that was it, but I was hoping against hope that my older brother (Terry) would show up... not necessarily for my celebration since I didn't really think we were doing that big of a deal.

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