Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joyful and Content

Beth wrote...
We took a walk in a new neighborhood today. Kaylie held a blanket over the back of her head and pressed around her ears (perhaps for warmth but also for fun, I think). She seemed more joyful and content on this walk than normal. "Normal" meaning since a few walks ago when she stopped loving the stroller. It was a beautiful fall day. A little gray but the air smelled of fruit and dry leaves. Also we've been singing more lately. Kaylie suddenly has gotten super focused when I sing and she giggles at the hand movements for "Itsy-bitsy spider, etc. Later we sat on the porch with blankets and watched the rain.

Kaylie thoughts....
Mommy had a meeting in Chicago today. She left this morning and returned in the evening. I missed her but had a wonderful time with Daddy. He taught me to "howl" and we played "lift the baby over Daddy's head and see what toy I can pick-up". Daddy always finds the most fun games.

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