Monday, September 22, 2008


Ms. Beth wrote...
As for me, if I ever try to get out of bed with my eyes still closed it is only because my alarm has rung and I feel I have no choice. Now Kaylie has a different philosophy. For example, today I was told she had woken up quite early, so I anticipated an early nap for her. As expected she began to rub her eyes and stagger about somewhere around 9:45 am. But she would not go down. Two and half hours later she finally gave up and closed her eyes. She seemed to be sleeping deeply about 5 minutes later when suddenly she sat up and opened her eyes. Less than a second later her eyes closed (I think involuntarily) and she nearly fell sideways back onto the mattress. But with the determination of a hero she began "climbing" upwards hands gripping the side of the crib, eyes closed as if in sleep, when Wham! she fell truly asleep again and smacked her face into the wooden slats of the crib She was OK, by the way. This all happened much more quickly than the time it took you to read this and so I was up and by the crib almost in time to save her. Now she is sleeping peacefully on my lap. Once this is written I will try and put her in her crib. Your guess is as good as mine as to what might happen next! :-)

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